Mr Niall S Irvine, Aberdeenshire, UK

The issue arose as a result of the server updates. Although there must have been a lot of issues for you to deal with at this busy time, the support request was handled effectively and courteously. Many thanks.

Ahmed Mostafa, Egypt

Honestly when I started working with you at the beginning I was afraid from the distance between us, but your way of dealing with me, made me feel safe. Specially your effort with me in the last couple of weeks. You guys made me trust in you, that’s why I’m looking for extend my business with you.

Jaskirat Singh, Ludhiana, India

Your servers are fast and reliable. I always receive support answers promptly, Some times even in no time, while chatting at your website. You are providing excellent service. NO DOUBT.

Dimitri Karasava, Turkey

I want to thank you and all your helpdesk staff for giving the best reseller service around. I have used your services for almost 3 months and I should say that I really appreciate the way you guys deliver what you promise. The support team is very helpful and well organized and I do not remember any question of mine that stayed unanswered. Keep up good work